Architecture & Design

....Architecture is pragmatic art. There are many people involved in the building process, many possibilities inherent in the problem itself, many ways to arrange the spaces, to marry the building to its site, and techniques to construct it. Design is really a tool. It is a means of intergrating and resolving the inevitable conflicts that range from public private to socially acceptable/commercially viable in order to reconcile the artistic aspect of making a building within cost, time and quality control. By trying to optimize all the givens within a consistent framework of values upon which design decisions are based, we hope to arrive at a whole which is more than the sum of its parts.

In addition, we attempt to fit the building optimally to its programme; we are concerned with responding positively to the site context. We are interested in the flexibility of buildings, as a way of resolving the conflicts between public and private, the community and the individual and short term and long term requirements. Flexibility for choice, change and growth has its problems as well as its benefits. In the end it means resolving and integrating all conflicting requirements.