Ivor Daniel

Born in 1946, Port St John’s - a small town along the ‘Wild Coast of South Africa. Here, he developed an understanding and love of simple vernacular architecture. He studied architecture at RIBA (London) as a foundation course and University of Natal (Durban) with a special research interest in regional-context, as well as issues around modernity, sustainability, conservation and industrial architecture. He worked as a student under renowned modernist and conservationist architect – Gabriël Fagan, Cape Town. First, opened own practice in 1976, then merged in 1985 with a national and international firm – Stauch Vorster Architects. Positions include a firm partnership and directorship, responsible for design and marketing.

In 2008 became an independent practice again – Daniel & Associates Architects.


"There are so many people involved in the building process. Many possibilities inherent in the problem itself. Many ways to arrange the spaces, and marry the building to its site, while selecting techniques to construct it. Design is really a tool. It is a means of integrating and resolving the inevitable conflicts. These range from the public to private, socially acceptable to commercially viable. All must reconcile the artistic aspects of undertaking a building within cost, time and quality control. by trying to optimise all the givens within a consistent framework of design values, we hope to arrive at al comprehensive solution. Besides an attempt to the fit the building optimally to its programme, we are concerned with responding positively to the site context. We strive for flexibility in buildings, as a way of resolving the conflicts between public and private, the community and the individual, and short term and long term requirements. Flexibility for choice, change and growth has its problems and its bonuses. Architecture in the end means resolving and integrating all conflicting requirements"

Architecture is a Pragmatic Art.....


Ivor J. Daniel Architect


Daniel & Associates Architects


Stauch Vorster Architects


Daniel & Associates Architects

2009 - Present


KwaZulu-Natal Institute of Architects



South African Institute Of Architects

Board & Mancom Member


Mauritius Electricity Commission Architectural Competition

Panel Chairman


Durban Botanical Gardens Trust


2000 - present

Durban Chamber of Commerce Central

Committee Member

1998 – 2001

Umhlanga Rocks New Town Centre & La Lucia Ridge Office Park

Design Review Panel Member

1996 - 2004

University of Natal School of Architecture

Simulated Office Programme


University of Natal School of Architecture

Visiting lecturer & Critic

1985 -1999

Institute of Facilities Management Natal


1985 -1990

Natal Provincial Institute of Architects

Committee Member


KwaZulu-Natal Institute of Architects


1976 - present

South African Institute of Architects


1976 – present

Royal Institute of British Architect


1976 – present

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