Durban International Convention Centre

1992 - 1995



* as SVA(Durban) in association with Hallen Custer Smith & Johnson Murray. Consulatant Achitect Philip Cox

The design provides a flexible multi-purpose venue accommodating a variety of demands for international, national and local events. The accommodation provides conferences of 1 800 delegates whilst accommodating flexible multi-purpose facilities for up to 3 500 delegates. Parking for 650 cars together with the main kitchen facilities, back of house and plant rooms is provided in the basement. Administration offices are suspended above the main foyer space. Total building area of 25 000 sqm.

The building is basically a large volumne (160 x 50 x 10) with some smaller scale elements within an overall form, which reduces the height of the “box” at its edges in keeping with the human scale of the delegates. The large volume halls are roofed with aluminium sheeting on steel trusses. Surrounding this element on 3 sides is a large verandah element, which rises and falls in a wave like form accommodating varying volumes of space under this element. As a consequence the roof form dominates with large overhangs casting deep shadows on the wall surfaces. All external walls to the public spaces are glazed encouraging integration between inside and out, and between user and public.