IMPZ Convention, Exhibition & Hotel



United Arab Emirates


* as SVA(Durban) in association with SVA(Gauteng)

The International Media & Print Zone is a district development to facilitate a regional hub for the international media industry based in the Middle East.

The brief required a flexible exhibition building consisting of exhibition space, foyers, hospitality suites, kitchens and service spaces, totaling a gross area 881,101sq.ft. The flat floor area at ground floor provided direct access for buildup and breakdown from external service zones. Meeting rooms are provided on both the ground and first floor together with hospitality suites on the upper level. Parking and kitchen services are located within the basement.

The form of the building is enclosed in a roof envelope which wraps over the sides to providing a continuous surface, which is cut back to reveal the internal activities at specific zones linking the dynamics of continuous movement systems. This treatment is applied to the main entrance on the one end of the building, which is off a common piazza linking the the exhibition centre to the theatre and conference centre.

This building faces on to the piazza as “big transparent box” which links two floors of smaller exhibition spaces over 2 floors and a pre-assembly area on the 3rd level. The 4th and 5th floors accommodate a 1500 seated raked auditorium together with two smaller auditoria accommodating 360 seats each. The extent of the entire complex is 245,008sq with a total of 2 220 seats.

The 324 key “Seven Star” hotel is located adjacent to the theatre and conference centre, incorporating business centres, restaurants and bars as well as roof top spa and pool level. The form of the building is determined by single loaded suites surrounding a 12 storey atrium. The external envelope is enclosed with operable stainless steel mesh screens, providing for environmental and privacy controls. The overall complex is linked into the district zone by waterways into which the building are located.