Bank of Mauritius Training Centre (In Association with Pravin Desai Architect)







* as SVA(Durban) in association with Pravin Desai Architects

The metaphor for the design of the Bank of Mauritius is the “parasol” umbrella. This device shades objects from the fierce sun whilst inducing free air movement. The principles incorporated in the design are the integration of inside spaces and landscaped outdoor areas. The design ethos is reminiscent of traditional Mauritian architecture, in which the thatched parasol roofs create effective double roof structures, with resultant cooling of interior spaces. The concept of umbrella roof structures is recurring theme in dealing with climatic conditions in hot humid environments. The training centre consisted of a number of conference and training rooms together with catering facilities and sports amenities. The centre also housed a component of the banks off site computer facility. The design provided for a central parasol roof over the main meeting spaces and these facilities are surrounded by the support facilities of computers, catering and recreational spaces. The complex was primarily designed on low energy principles and strategies. These include the orientation of the building, solar screening, day lighting, natural ventilation and insulation of the wall and roof applications.