PRD Building

1998 - 2002



* as SVA(Durban)

The regional government building needed to be an urban statement appropriate in its stature and importance, together with meeting commercial office principles of adaptability, in order to cope with changing tenant needs. The 70metre high tower consisted of 23 floors, with the lower ground level containing the major building services and the upper ground level being the main entry level, which contains the auditorium and cafeteria. There are 18 typical floor levels above which are two smaller service floors with a helicopter landing pad on the roof level.

The typical floor plate is triangular due to the constraints imposed by the site. The external envelope consists of precast glazed tile spandrel panels set between expressed columns on the perimeter of the building. Differentiated colors of blue, are applied to the tiles at each floor level and these are contrasted by the silver colored aero-foil horizontal sun louvres, which are suspended between the columns providing sun protection to the horizontal window bands.