Kwasoni Primary School

2011 - 2012


An existing rural primary school in a state of extreme disrepair required renovation and upgrading, without closing down the school to carry out the works. An inspection of the existing fabric identified that the masonry superstructure was sound, with only a need to provide an element of underpinning to the foundations to ensure structural stability. The primary design intervention required a total re-roofing of the school to be undertaken. This together with additional accommodation required, provided an opportunity to introduce an umbrella structure over the existing superstructure in the form of a steel post and beam application. The slope of the site together with the stepped floor levels of the existing classrooms enabled the introduction of a single mono-pitch roof, covering both the new additions as well as the existing classroom. The proposed design solution provided the ideal solution for catchment of rainwater, for reuse in the flushing systems as well as providing a system of food gardening, to sustain the welfare of the surrounding community. Due to the poor trans-evaporative qualities of the ground conditions “gabion” walled terraces were introduced to ensure that the septic tank system would be successful. The terraces created for this purpose also provided the space and suitable growing areas for the food gardens.