Mangosuthu University of Technology

New Administration Wing





* as SVA(Durban)

The need for increased accommodation for administration facilities was identified together with a new Council Chamber and executive offices. The new administration building is adjacent to the main entrance to the campus, which together with the original administration building (built 1993), sit on either side of the processional pathway leading to the main campus building. The relationship between the two creates the sense of identity and place, as they provide the defining edges conditions to the entrance vista.

The termination of the building and corner treatment is designed to provide a presence at the entrance to the campus. This is enhanced by treatment of the building form with punctuated fenestration to the lower level within the brick drum at the base of the building. The top floor, which accommodates the council chamber, has a continuous band of windows floating below the projecting concrete roof eaves. The windows at this level are protected from the west sun by vertical metal louvres, set at angles to preclude sun penetration. The balance of the building addresses itself to the tree lined processional way.