* as SVA(Durban)

The elevated and exposed position of the site, adjacent to a national freeway, provides the opportunity to utilize the building as a medium for signage and to enhance its presence within a service industrial environment. The need to accommodate both a sales and service centre, for an international truck manufacturer required the need for contradicting elevational expression, in that there is a need to mask the mechanical side of the operation, whilst enhancing the opportunity to open up the showroom, in order to display vehicles.

A mono-pitch roof, sloping away from the freeway side provides a horizontal plane which floats over the entire building structure, including the open display / showroom area at one end of the building, as it does on the opposite end, over the covered wash bay. In between these ends on the freeway side, the vertical sheeting projects past the apex of the roof to provide a “bill board” façade. The opposite side of the roof, which relates to access from the internal road system, has large overhanging eaves providing weather protection to the continuous roller shutter doors to the service bays.

The plan is divided into single volume, 6m high work bays on the western portion of the building, whilst the eastern portion contains the showroom and a double level of offices and stores.