Durban World Cup Soccer Stadium Proposal




* as SVA(Durban) in assocation with HOK Sport, ADA & Paul Mikula Achitect

The proposed stadium comprises a 45 000 seat permanent stadium. The seating bowl incorporates a track and field for playing soccer and rugby fields within a future athletic track facility. In 2010 World Cup mode the stadium will accommodate an additional 25 000 seats on the east, with a total capacity to 70 000. The design flexibility provided for legacy sustainability by the relocation of the surplus capacity to other regional facilities post the World Cup event.

The principle design ethos addressed the proposal through reflecting the stadium as a complimentary abstract section of the Durban shoreline. “A great big wave breaking over the beach and rising up to a lush dune forest, from which one can see out to the surrounding City and Indian Ocean”. In this context the scheme draws threads from the local vernacular and the city’s natural context. The shell of the wave is captured in the western stand rising in height to over 60m. The visible lattice structure is based on the notion of the Zulu hut structure. The seating bowl embodies the local characteristics of the natural environment. High Stands, an enveloping wave form roof and vistas across the pitch and out to the coast and city beyond.